Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I did it. I am DONE. I have, perhaps for the first time ever, rode the train directly to the station.

Well, I do have a few little odds and ends – pictures, some furniture, pillows, a few accessories – but that doesn’t count -  that’s ‘hunting’.  
The bones are done for my three January Rooms.

My mission for 2012 is to go through every single room in my house and clear the excess. Purge and edit. Let go.  WHOA!  Back up. Rewind. Completely unreasonable, unattainable. That would be a full twelve month job - I need to do other stuff this year too.  I only play ‘HOUSE’ until the end of March, if it’s not done by then it has to wait until the following January.  I’m going to have to break it up over a few years. There are 15 rooms in this house; I will do one third a year, which makes it a three year project. Considering my tiny little problem of staying on task, that makes it much more realistic.

That’s what I have to get better at – pacing myself while maintaining my focus.  Slow & steady.  As Keith Kochner said at a seminar I attended recently: “Little step. Little step. Little step. Watch for the opportunity.” 

So, that has become my WORD for 2012. FOCUS.  It’s been riding around with me for a while now and it feels like the time is right.
 I will focus on focusing on FOCUS.

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