Sunday, May 20, 2012

Baby Squirrels

It's strange ... the things that are obviously out there that can escape you for years.
I have never in my entire life, got to watch a litter of baby squirrels play.
I've actually never seen a baby squirrel until the other morning when
 a tiny little fella came up to the door & looked right at me.

I have probably never noticed them because their tails are so long 
that you could mistake them for adult squirrels.

You can't mistake them when there's a whole mess them cavorting around like kittens.

That's what I had the pleasure of enjoying this morning.
They were hard to capture with the camera because they move quickly.
Very quickly.

There were seven of them. Five black. Two gray.
The gray ones have the showiest tails in this bunch.
We have some really neat squirrels with black bodies & fox-red tails
 ... not in this family though.

It was like watching an aerial act.  
Nimble. Confident. 
A delight to behold.

They're gone now. Sleeping, I suspect, after their major workout.
I can't imagine that energy being contained in a nest any longer.  
They've discovered the world.
And they like it.

I need to watch more carefully so I can experience it again.
Obviously, there have been baby squirrels around me lots of times,
but I just never noticed.
I'm glad I got to enjoy them today.
It's a wonderful way to begin a glorious Sunday morning.