Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I don’t know if this is true. I need to do some research on it before I get myself officially worked up or push the panick button.  I heard, and how sad if it’s true, that they are no longer teaching cursive writing in school.

I’ll sound like some ancient curmudgeon who wants to stand firmly rooted in the past; but honestly, what are they thinking?

Sure, they believe, and are accurate, that the next generation will use computers and devices for everything they do. That’s already the case.  But how in heaven’s name do they come up with the concept of highly educated people with fingertip access to everything in the whole world, who will not be able to read what thousands of people have written for a couple hundred years before this.  They will come upon books and letters and it will look like a foreign language.

I wrote my 10 year old grandson’s birthday card this year.  He’s a very smart cookie. He said “I don’t know what this says.” We will have a nation of Printers.

What happens to hand writing analysis?  What about signatures? How will people sign their names?  What about autographs? They're going to print their signatures on cheques? Oh forget that ... there is pretty well no such thing as cheques already. They're going to print their name on the back of their Visa?  Surely my information is inaccurate.

I can identify the hand writing of every person who is close to me. I see my mother when I come across her beautiful, flowing script even though she’s been gone for 31 years. She was artistic – it showed in her writing.  I would know my Dad’s writing anywhere – it was very legible and basic.  I  recognized my grandmother’s writing when I came across an old letter at the bottom of a box.  At the rare occurrence when I receive snail mail, I immediately know which friend it is from without checking the return address. They are their writing.  Surely my information is inaccurate.

 I’m thinking that I must be totally wrong.  It can’t happen.  There are dozens of beautiful script fonts that can be downloaded. They wouldn’t develop those if no one could read them. That has me feeling a little better. Perhaps people will be able to read script, they may just not be able to produce it without a computer.  That doesn't really make me feel better.


Mindy said...

Ah, Ev. You make me feel far less curmudgeonly to know there are others like me in the world : ) When my daughter's grade four teacher told me that she wouldn't need handwriting in her future, I was so dumbfounded that I had no reply.

EvScott said...

So it IS actually true, Mindy?? That really is strange & scarey. All the next generation will be able to do is push buttons with their fingers. Next thing you know they'll say they don't even have to learn to use a pencil.

I really truly am seriously curious though ... are they not going have 'signatures' for their names?

21 years ago, Jaime's principal told me that it was totally unnecessary for her to be able to spell as it 'wouldn't be needed' and that 'that's the trouble with you parents - your expectations are totally unrealistic'. Really - how long would it take to teach kids handwriting - so at least they would be able to read things they come across from the past.