Saturday, September 6, 2008

Creative Juices Flowing

Two things that I know this morning - summer is definitely over and my creative juices have started flowing - FINALLY. Finally for the juices, not so good about the summer.

I know, because when i awoke at 5 am, with a zillion things running through my mind, I didn't quiet them down and go back to sleep. I got up - excited and anxious to start acting on them.

Nothing I love more than a 'New Mission'. Anna and I have been putting together the idea of an Art Show in Avonbank. Last night we had our first meeting at the venue with two of the artists. The enthusiasm was the tonic that i so badly needed to shift myself out of vacation mode - which was the state of my mind, not my reality - and into 'I can't wait to get at this!' I LOVE that feeling of inspiration and passion.

Feels SO good to be back!