Monday, February 21, 2011


This weekend, I got to spend time with my favourite nine year old boy, and favourite six year old girl ‘in the whole wide world’. They know that's who they are to me. When they were younger, they would announce themselves at the door: “Nan, your Angels are here.”  Once, when I made the mistake of saying ‘Here’s my kids!’, I was immediately corrected with: ‘We are NOT your KIDS –we’re your ANGELS.’ They still are, but as they get older, I more often greet them with “There’s my favourite ___ year old in the whole wide world!”

What a delight it is to spend time with them.  It always has been, but as they’ve grown it’s been even more interesting to talk to them and learn what’s going on those pretty little heads.

They are so worldly. And they love to talk. I love to listen. We have quite the conversations and their wisdom and insight often surprises me.  They know all kinds of things that I didn’t and my own kids didn’t at that age. By six, Scotty was a proficient and avid chess player. At nine he has designed his own webpage.

I’m always quizzing them on what they know. The other night, the sunset was beautiful, and as is my habit, I was raving about it on our drive home. I said to my wise grandson: “Isn’t that something?!  Do you know what direction the sun sets in?”  “Well, yes.” he replied, in a tone that suggested that it was insulting to even him ask him such an elementary question. “Good for you!” I congratulated. I think I was about 27 when I could remember that, and I had to tie it to an association like 'Go West Young Man'. “What direction is it?” I queried.  “THAT one.” he answered, pretty certain that his elderly grandmother is starting to lose her mind and didn't even know which direction I was looking.

Yesterday, when we were driving along there was an elderly gentleman having car trouble. I drove past, but turned around to see if he needed assistance. I wound up driving him to his home town. When we dropped him off, he offered me money, which of course, I wouldn’t accept. Then he offered it ‘for the kiddies’.  ‘Thank you, that’s sweet – but no.” I insisted.  When we drove away, Scotty said: “I saw that! He was going to give us twenty bucks!! Why did you take it?!”Because you don’t take money for a kindness,” I explained to him, “that’s what makes it a kindness.”  “You are a very-kind-woman.” my sweet six year old granddaughter said with such maturity that it took me aback. “I like to be kind.” I said. “Yes, I know that about you.” she answered very seriously.  “They could use you at my school. You should come there.” “Why’s that?” I asked. “Do you mean they’re not kind?” “No.” she said matter-of-factly. ”They don’t DO kindness. They’re….”, she hesitated, thinking about the right word.”…. rough.” She thought for a moment then clarified: “They’re only kind if you’re bleeding.”

I wish sometimes that the world would stop and listen to six year olds. Listen to what they’re seeing, they’re learning, they’re thinking.  We are often so tied up thinking that it’s our job to teach them, to fill them with information that we often don't take the time to hear it back. To see what they are observing with their eyes. They're always watching and processing, even when we think they aren't.

They have as many lessons to teach us, as we have for them. Maybe more.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Another thing about Cameron & I not getting to spend much time together recently - our babies are growing. An entire month and not a single photo to show for it. I'm not getting to spend enough time with my kids - big or little.

Fortunately, yesterday I got some time with the wee-est of the crew and I was not about to waste the opportunity. Five months old she is already. Her eyes are getting more striking all the time and she has the sweetest little smile. Our blue-eyed beauty ... the only blue eyes in our whole family.  My Gorgeous Georgia, precious and adorable - eyes open or closed.

And now to get my hands on Spencer!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Window Shots

One of the things that’s going by the wayside with me working all week is my relationship with my camera. She’s feeling very neglected of late.  I’m missing her too.

I’m up and out when the lighting is still good, but since I need to actually be somewhere at a certain time, I have to drive right by all those beautiful, snow laden trees. On the way home, the sun is setting. The white snow and the soft pink sky make the stark and barren trees look even more gracefully artful.  Scenes missed because Cameron is home alone.

I’m going through a bit of withdrawal.

The other day, when I awoke, it was so cold that our bedroom window was covered with frost. First thought … ‘there’s a picture!’

A dozen shots of one single window pane. Yep, that sounds more like my normal life.  Cameron was feeling a bit less neglected, and I was feeling a little more content as well.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Real Job

I got an email from a friend today. She said, “Your blog is stuck.”  Oh my, right she is, indeed.  A dozen times over the past month, I’ve been needing/wanting to do something about getting it unstuck, but I’ve been busy.

I’ve got a Real Job, you see.

And that means that I have entered a place where much of the world dwells – trying to squeeze every bit of the rest of my life and activities into evenings and weekends. It turns out to be not sufficient hours in that time slot to do everything I need/want to do.

The last time that I worked in a setting where I was committed to being in one spot, eight hours a day, five days a week, was in 1979. Really.

Now, don’t be thinking that that’s the last time that I worked. I have never NOT worked. It’s just that I’ve always been involved with things that have me at the helm, designing my own day.

A couple years ago I did work for a whole week at Mazda while the owners went out to our place in Newfoundland.  I loved it. The only work colleague I generally have in my life is Abby, and she’s not much of a conversationalist, so I was delighted to get to be with humans.

Before I spent all my time trying to make a living from my three H's, I had always been involved in work that has revolved around people – social services, volunteer management, and retail. I love having my flexibility and freedom, but I must say that I do miss all the stuff that comes with having other people in your day.

On top of that, there’s nothing that I love more than a new challenge. I am always delighted to get the opportunity to open a new door and meet new people.

The especially cool thing about this job is that finally – FINALLY – my zillion hours on the computer have paid off. I have been helping test an ever-so-cool new software program that has been designed for organizing virtual meetings.

The launch was held at the Fesitval last Monday … what a wonderful event that was. Up to that time, what I was doing was confidential, but now it’s out there in the world. The company is POWERNOODLE, and the folks behind it are dynamic, interesting and fun people.

I’m sure honoured to be there and enjoying every minute of it.  Each day I get to be there is a bonus.

Soon, the party will be over and I will be back upstairs in my Studio. And I will love that too.