Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dapper Dapples

This week's Ebay listings include a Dapple Gray horse, with an explanation about how I love them & envision Christmas scenes, rocking horses & hobby horses, all as Dapple Grays. In September, on a drive through the country, I hollered 'WHOA' to Brian, jumped out of the car, climbed down a ditch & up a hill to capture this wonderful fella. Now that's a horse!

Halfy Birthday, Gibby

It seems that it was just minutes ago that I was writing about the magical summer evening when our precious grandson came into our lives. Six months have passed in the blink of an eye. We always celebrated our children's 'Half' birthday - with a cake & candles, singing 'Halfy Birthday to you'. Three quarters of our crew were born within 9 days of each other (on the calendar) in the Christmas season. There was an abundance of celebration all at once & then nothing for a long stretch, so HALFY BIRTHDAYS came to be. The tradition has continued with the grandchildren - so in keeping with that ... 'HALFY BIRTHDAY TO GIBSON!'

Thursday, November 27, 2008


The three pieces that end on Sunday.

FINALLY, I have got some pieces from the 'Chrismas '08' Series from The Edenwood Collection, on Ebay. It's going to be the shortest season in history! I listed three things on Sunday & will only be able to do it for the next two Sundays, or there won't be time for it to arrive before Christmas. I wonder what happened to my thought last year - that I would have my act together for '08 and start in September. It's really too bad, because I absolutely LOVE creating Christmas pieces and love even more, the wonderful folks that I get to connect with through Ebay.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

In the Spirit

The show was aptly named - we were 'In the Spirit' indeed. The Spirit of fun & friendship & creativity. And actually the Spirit of the Season too, with the fact that winter decided to come.
But in spite of the nasty weather - rain, rain & then snow & the fact that we were way out in the middle of no where - we had a wonderful turnout. We were pleasantly busy the entire time.
It was such a great place to spend the weekend - hanging out with creative & fun women, visiting with all the enthusiastic and adventuresome people who came out to see us. It definitely was the first ANNUAL.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Show Weekend

We're half way through the 'In the Spirit' Show - enjoying Add Videoevery minute! It's great fun hanging out with talented, creative women and visiting with the wonderful people who have come out on the cold, gray November day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Party's Over ... Back to WORK!

It would almost seem like I had taken six months off. Indeed, I have, in terms of productivity of tangible creations - but I haven't exactly been sitting around watching the grass grow. And grow. And grow this season, of eternal spring. (As in the grass in our pastures staying fresh & spring-like, vibrant green right up til now.)

In the six months, I have made three trips to Newfoundland, worked on two concerts, two major parties and am still in the midst of the Artisan Show next weekend.

In between, I am starting to work on some figures, while a few hundred other ideas swirl around in my head. One week left to pull some of these guys together. I've missed being in my Studio - it feels good to be back. It feels good to play with colour & texture, to lose myself in a process, to watch some of the seeds that have been lying dormant, come to life.

I played a little too long this year & am off track with my Ebay creations. After next weekend, when the show is over, that is the Mission. Can't wait!