Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Wedding

A few days have passed since Ashley and Andy's wedding & I still can't wipe the smile off my face. We are all walking around on a total high.

It's such a delight to have your daughter get to have exactly the wedding that she has dreamed of. I can't think of anything that can possibly be any better, in terms of the most perfectly Happy Day. So many friends and family together, celebrating and being joyful, surrounding that wonderful young couple with such love and support. It just made your heart sing.

Ashley, of course, was a beautiful bride - she was the picture of grace and poise. Andy was handsome and charming. Gibson was adorable beyond words.

The greatest joy for me was to have all four of my wonderful children and three precious grandbabes there - healthy, happy and having fun.

As expected, the morning brought a major downpour, complete with a black-as-night sky, as I ran with flowers into the tent. The forecast was dismal, but Ashley had envisioned her day with sunshine, so we held on to that hope. Not far from us, there were high winds & hail that would have wreaked havoc with our decorations, which graciously bypassed us.

The impending storm split - taking major winds & even tornados to both the north and east of us, leaving us with clear skies & beautiful, welcome sunshine. That in itself had everyone happy and joyful.

The ceremony was lovely - very moving and beautiful. A Matron of Honour, Maid of Honour, 4 Bridesmaids, Best Man, 5 Groomsmen, Ring Bearer & Flower Girl ... every one of them a special person in the lives of the Bride & Groom. Live music added to the charm, with the Bride walking down the aisle to 'It's A Wonderful World' on the sax & guitar. As they left, the group sang Van Morrison's 'Into the Mystic'.

The afternoon was absolutely beautiful and perfect for the guests to have a relaxing visit. Then, as if on cue, as the last person entered the tent through the reception line, the sky opened up. With the noise and the force of the water, it was as if we were sitting underneath a waterfall - a special effect that surprised and delighted all. The sun shone through that & when it was over, a full, unbroken rainbow appeared right behind the tent. A most perfect stamp on a purely mystical, memorable and magical day.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boys and Curls

There I was, sandwiched between a brother who had thick curly hair as a baby & a sister with beautiful long hair, done in ringlets. Not enough to be branded as the Middle Child ... throw in poker straight hair, cut short into a 'pixie cut'. I always knew it was not because it was an attractive style - it was confirmation that there wasn't a thing anyone could do with my hair as it was 'straight as a horses tail.'
I've coveted curls for as long as I can remember.
When I met Brian, my Mother was impressed with his gorgeous, wavy hair, but she professed that it was 'totally wasted on a man'. I had hoped that he could pass some of those genetics on to our children, but oh no - four heads & not so much as a hint of a kink in one of them. Their hair is thick and lovely ... but alas, no curls:(
Two more shots at it with the arrival of my first grandson & grand daughter. Beautiful, adorable, gorgeous children, but again - nary a curl between them.
Well - can you just imagine how delighted I am that our littlest guy's hair is arriving with curl upon curl. They're especially abundant when he gets up from his nap or after his bath. I get tickled every time I see his curly little head. And it's DEFINITELY not wasted on a boy.