Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I have pressed ‘RESET’ on my life. It feels good.

Last year was such a different year for me. I let my own business not only take a backseat but actually not leave the parking lot.  It was so different than the previous twenty years when every single day I relied on my own imagination and self-motivation to earn my daily bread. Hard to keep the bakery open and goods fresh though. This concept of just showing up, doing a task that someone else has put the thinking power behind and then being given money for it ...regularly no less ... was such a novel and exciting concept to me.  After not having had that little bonus which most people don’t think twice about since 1989, I got a fair bit of pleasure out of it.

That job is over for me and now I find myself having to try and remember exactly how it was that I was able to create my own income for the past two decades.

Running your own business seems to me to be very much like exercising. You can do it regularly for years and years but then when you stop, you lose ground far faster than it took to build it up.

I’ve been trying to remember exactly what it was that I used to do and how I went about it.  And then the thought hit me. I shouldn’t concern myself as much with what I USED to do, as to what I WANT to do NOW

I have given myself this month to sift through my thoughts and get into position to move forward. 

I am in ‘strategic planning’ mode. I have a lifetime of knowledge and experience to organize in my head.  I have tools to do it.  The very first and most important question is front and center and I have to tackle it head on before I move on to Step 2.  “ WHAT is it that I WANT to do?”   Thinking … thinking … thinking….

Actually, I need to set that aside for the moment. There’s a step for me that I MUST do even before that.

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