Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My new grandson is named after a guitar. He is surrounded in his room, by numerous guitars hanging on the wall. My fingers are crossed that he'll will have inherited some musical ability from his father. Sadly, there's not a single speck of it to be found in our entire family. I'm not offending my spawn, it's just a true fact.

They also, unfortunately, missed out on the athletic gene. They certainly participated in every sport going, but we didn't have to re-finance the house to help them become professional athletes. Actually, Brian often commented on how much money we saved because they weren't so inclined. My other two grandchildren have most definitely got a good portion of the that from their Dad. As I watch Scotty zip around the soccer field or hockey rink, moving so gracefully and QUICKLY, I am frankly surprised that he's related to me. I've actually had people laugh when they see me run. Lauren, I suspect, will be a dancer - something else that we don't seem to excel at.

Thinking about the genes that our children missed out on, I was reviewing the ones that they do have.They all have one that definitely serves them well - in living in this family and in life in general ... a sense of humour.

I believe our grandchildren are another shot at getting to experience things that you didn't yourself, or with your own children. I'm looking forward to the day, sitting in my own kitchen, that our little Gibson pulls out his guitar & says 'Hey Nan, let's sing!'.