Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Take My Advice

Probably one of the most accurate quotes that my life is centered around is: “Take my advice, I’m not using it.”  I have always been ready, willing and able to give anyone advice on their business plan, marketing, decorating, life strategy … whatever … but I appear to leave myself out of the when it comes right down to it.  Most likely because I talk to myself so much that if I actually listened, I’d be even more confused and befuddled than I already am.

I once heard that if you ‘hear the same message 3 times from different sources in a short period of time, then God or the Universe is trying to send you a very strong directive.’  Listen and Act.

The funny thing about the signal that I am getting is that one of the sources was actually ME. 

I was one of the speakers at our January W.I.N.G.S. meeting where the topic was ‘Strategies for a Fresh Start’.  I heard myself saying to the room full of women, “When I am at my very best creatively, I start my day with Morning Pages. My biggest obstacle,” I said, “and worst habit, is the computer. When I start the day with my own thoughts and I get things sorted out and lined up, I feel more grounded, more focused, more in control.  What I have been doing for a long time instead is turning on the computer first thing. Fifteen minutes turns into an hour and a half as I’m led in this direction and that. I find that I am spending my time with everyone’s thoughts BUT my own.

At that point, I was just talking about it - acknowledging it without a strong intention of changing it, even though I had identified writing as an excellent tool for getting yourself together. Afterwards, one of the members told me that what I had said really resonated with her.  We got to talking about our ‘best hours’ and both identified them as ‘the morning’. It was like a lightbulb was switched on when we realized that we were giving the computer the very best of our time. We made a pact then and there not to allow that to happen ANYMORE, and that if we saw each other on line, we’d call each other on it.

A few days later I was at a two day workshop, where the facilitator, Keith Kochner of Mentorfish said that thing that he protected as fiercely as a ‘glass case with a million dollars in it’ is his FOCUS.  He actively and zealously PROTECTS it. He said he could get more money, but he couldn’t get that time back.  Lightbulb again!  The computer is a thief after my glass case that contains all my Focus!  I didn’t have to wait around for the third sign … I got the message loud and clear.

For one full week, I have kept my Focus.  I have not touched the computer once until after twelve. Granted, the first few days I was watching the clock and had my finger poised and ready for 12:01. What bolstered me and kept me on track was something one of the other speakers shared at WINGS. She said that breaking a habit is only 'uncomfortable' for a little while. When you work your way through that, it will become your new habit.
Indeed, I am finding my creativity is coming back. I am slowly starting to enjoy sifting through my thoughts in the quiet hour with my coffee.  In fact, I am now looking forward to it and savouring it. I am honing my Focus Skills.

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