Friday, March 11, 2011


Every time that I think that I’m about as busy as I can be, some cool, new adventure pokes its head up and says …’Hey! What about me!!’

It happened again. I was just motoring along, adjusting to being away every day and trying squeeze my life into a weekend. All kinds of things have been going by the wayside – this blog for one thing. The painting, organizing, purging and editing that were on the agenda for January & February and won’t make it back on the Master Plan until NEXT January/February, for another. And cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping … all those things have moved way down the list as I fill my day with another type of work. I can live without all those things.

But, regardless of how many irons in the fire, if an exciting opportunity comes a knockin' on the door, I throw it wide open.

That someone was eldest entrepreneurial daughter, Jaime. She sent me an email and said ‘What do you think about this idea.’ Well, the idea was so brilliant and timely and full of potential that I emailed her back immediately & said, ‘It’s not only wonderful, but I want to play too!’

Her idea was to start a woman’s networking group where people could tell about themselves and their business in a “3 minute tale”. She put it on Facebook on Saturday and by Monday, all thirty speaking spots were filled. There were ten ‘gallery’ spots too and they also filled up immediately.

So the birth of W.I.N.G.S. happened last night – quite appropriately, during International Woman’s Week. “Women In Networking Groups SOAR” was well received. The room buzzed with the powerful energy that positive, enthusiastic women create. The diversity of stories and the information was remarkable … every one a celebration of achievement and/or possibility. And what was especially cool was that all three of my sweet and amazing girls were there.

It was such fun. We have envisioned that it will become a very wonderful tool for connecting, networking, sharing, supporting, cheerleading … all the things that every one of us needs. It’s going to make us all stretch and grow. It’s going to be the catalyst for motivation, for new ideas and for new friendships. We both see it.

I’m delighted that she said ‘Sure, come play with me.’ Everything about it is right up my alley. So now, instead of just trying to squeeze in time to create some things for the show at the end of the month, my head is churning with ideas.