Monday, February 5, 2007

Leap ... and the Net shall appear.

You'd have to wonder why I would jump into yet another technological challenge when I haven't mastered the last one (my website) or even kept it updated for that matter. It's simply because I'm always up for a challenge and I LOVE technology. Not that I don't find it frustrating, irritating at times, time consuming ... I do. But I also find it amazing & exciting & fun. I'm going to be the little old lady at the Nursing Home, in a rocker with a laptop on knee instead of an afghan.

I can't imagine who actually would ever read this. But that's okay. I've got four kids - I'm used to no one listening when I talk. Actually, it would concern me more if I actually thought that someone WAS reading it, then I might have to pay attention to what I'm saying.

This was a GOAL for 2007. One of the other goals was to actually accomplish one of my goals. Two birds with one stone. I'm on a roll. Let's see if I can ever find this again.