Friday, June 23, 2017

OBITUARY: Emma Sally Ann

It is with profound regret and a measure of deep sadness that I mourn the demise of Emma Sally Ann. Some, I suspect will be inclined to celebrate rather than grieve her passing.

ESA had been in robust health, thriving in fact, up until the last couple years. Her decline had been gradual; a natural process of aging.

Emma Sally Ann was born in the countryside in the early 60's, the daughter of Necessity and Imagination. She was nurtured in the pre-craft store era, long before the advent of garage sales and on-line anything. Her ancestry undoubtedly involved crows and gypsies as she was especially drawn to vibrant colour and shiny bits. She was a pioneer – a Re-cycler before it was invented and a Hoarder before it was a disorder.

ESA spent her lifetime gathering and collecting anything and everything that tickled her fancy. Indeed, her fancy was very ticklish so it took precious little to delight and amuse her.

Jello and Red Rose Tea bear responsibility for her her lifelong propensity for collecting. Their inclusion of car coins, airplane coins and figurines in their boxes at a vulnerable age, set the stage for what was to become ESA's entertainment and passion. Her tastes ebbed, flowed and evolved over the years, beginning with owls in the mid-seventies and moving on to bears, rocking horses, quilts, hooked rugs, old windows, books, fibre, fabric, chairs and anything donkey.

The true essence of Emma Sally Ann resided in the fact that she was born knowing that 'Everything can be Something'. She saw potential in the smallest tidbit and felt it her personal obligation and duty to amass it all and file it under 'One Day' and 'Some Day'. It was all her fodder, her life blood. There was nothing immune or off limits to the possibility of possibility.

Emma Sally Ann leaves behind her longtime and closest friend, Jada. They had shared a life partnership that was supportive and encouraging, although may have been identified by some as 'enabling'. Inseparable for decades, Jada has never felt that it would be possible to exist without ESA. With encouragement and support from family and the Board, she will continue to thrive autonomously. Also celebrating her passing, perhaps more than mourning it, are the remaining members of the 'Board of Directors for Voices in My Head', a division of the 'Sybil Syndrome'.

A 'Celebration of Life' may be held at some point in the future, after it has been confirmed that she is truly gone for good.

Her estate sale will commence immediately as in the past, she has been known to be resurrected. An online album with offerings will be available soon. A shed sale will be held on Saturday, July 9th, after which everything that is left will have to vacate the premises in some fashion.  

The story of Emma Sally is at: SYBIL SYNDROME