Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have a strategy for Focus that has been in place for a couple years now that actually works wonderfully.

Myself and two friends who have the same burning desire to take control of their life and zero in on what we need/want to accomplish and get ‘er done, formed a … for lack of a better word … ‘support group’.

We choose a neutral spot, not some someone’s home and a specific time frame.  We divide the time up with each on having the opportunity to present their goals/plans and strategy for how we’re going to tackle that.

It works. If only in the fact that it makes us take the time before the meeting to put thought into our intention.  It’s helping us prioritize. Yes … helping us Focus.

We have people to report to. People holding us accountable. People who will say: “What help do you need to be successful.”  We have cheerleaders. We have a bouncing board.  It’s affordable, self-directed Life Coaching.

We use and share different strategies – mind mapping, vision boards – we’re always open to new techniques.  We are also flexible. We have watched our plans, so carefully crafted, go totally off in an unexpected direction because Life.  We’re cool with that too. We just switch to ‘re-calibrating’ and start planning the new route.

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