Monday, May 31, 2010

IRELAND Chapter 9 The Green and Gold

When I revisit Ireland from here, what will pop into my mind first and foremost will be the GORSE. The stunning, vibrant, wonderful yellow flowering shrubs that covered the countryside.  It lined the roads. It divided the fields. It added such contrast to the green, green, green that I cannot imagine the view without it.

Way back in the 50's when my Dad had to choose colours for his racing silks, he chose Green & Gold.  I read once that it was because of his Irish heritage.  One day as we were driving along and everywhere I looked was green and gold, the colour of my Dad sprung to mind. It was the same exact tones.  I always figured that he just chose the gold to go with his Irish Green because it looked good. But seeing it as I did, maybe he did have an innate sense of his Irish roots in springtime.
When I go to Ireland again, I want it to be at the same exact time of year so I can once again visit the Green & Gold. In the meantime, it is etched deeply in my mind and in my heart. 

My Dad's racing cap from before helmets came in - the colours that he became known for.