Monday, May 31, 2010

IRELAND Chapter 8 Doors

Why doors?  I just like them. 
At the hostel we stayed at in Belfast.

The church in Dublin where Bram Stoker was baptized and married.

Lots going on in this door - love the heart key spot.

Dublin Castle - I love those guys - wonder if they're brothers.

Dublin Castle as well - must have had steps or a ramp for the horses to get down to the courtyard - or a big jump.

I liked the two door handles - one for the adults, one for the children.

Now this one is definitely unique.

They were big into colourful, happy doors in every town.

Just liked the blue & gray combination.

Might have a bit of a draught in winter. I love the handles in the handles in the very centre ... why not?!

Even the doors to the gardens were spectacular.

The entrance to Mona Best's delightful Skibereen B&B where stayed.

Wonderful stable doors at Bantry House.

I just loved the horse heads above the doors.


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