Friday, March 5, 2010


What has kept me so busy for the past few weeks, to the point of neglecting my writing & creating and everything else, has been the fulfillment of one of my intentions for 2010 - making my studio space more artistic and creative. And a little tidier. Tidier for a time anyway.

I committed to giving it my full, undivided attention for a full week. Which promptly turned into two, then three & now by the fourth ... I am finally finished. I will be posting some pics over the next few days.

The Grandies spent the day with me Monday and were quite supportive of the transformation. Especially the floor.

What my space was crying for was some colour ... enter Spray Paint. Brian made mention that it was smelling like the 70's up there & when he saw the door to the attic and stairs, it confirmed it for him. Psychedelic indeed. 'Just the palette', I assured him & he left shaking his head, keeping the rest of his thoughts to himself about the fact that he harbours a strong suspicion that I'm losing it.

The kids, not surprisingly, were quite taken with the colour. And even more so when I told them to choose a step for their very own, which they could decorate however they wanted. They were ecstatic. 'Like right on the wood?' they asked incredulously 'Like with no paper?' 'Like ... anything we want??' 'Go for it', I assured them. It's your step. 'Forever?' they asked? 'Yep, forever', I said. 'Can I come and see it whenever I want?' Scotty asked. 'Of course', I replied. 'Can I bring MY children to see it?' asked 5 year old Lauren. 'Absolutely', I assured her. 'And when you're dead and Poppa lives here alone, can I still come and see my step.' 'Sure' I said ... 'It's YOUR step - you can come and see it any time.'

So they decorated it with what was on their mind - the Olympics (or 'alimpix' as Scotty wrote), still fresh with the excitement of the Canada/USA hockey game from the night before.

The rest of the afternoon, the two of them would leave what they were doing to run up together to 'check on' their steps. Yep, they were still there.

When their Dad came to pick them up, they dragged him upstairs to see their steps. But much to my surprise, the talk wasn't as much about what they had done on the stairs as it was about what I had done on the floor.
"You gotta see what Nan did to the floor.' Lauren exclaimed so loudly that I could hear her from downstairs. 'REALLY ... you have GOT to see this floor!! Come see it, you won't believe it - I'm tellin' ya - you have GOT to see this FLOOR!!!

Well the truth is, I had every intention of putting a carpet over the floor - it was just in the process of being cleaned. But after hearing their exuberance and passion about the floor, I have had to rethink the whole thing. If they actually are more taken with the floor than their very own step, how can I even think about covering it up. They'll be back to visit their step often & I imagine that I'd have to keep pulling the carpet up for them to examine the floor, so I guess I will have to remain carpetless.


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