Thursday, March 11, 2010


Today is just a shameless promotion of a little man in our lives. We got to hang out on Sunday & I snapped some photos. He bears a remarkable resemblance to his father, but he is definitely his Mother's son.

The first thing that he does when he gets here, is head straight to the donkeys. If it's between me and them, it's the four legged ass that he'll pick each and every time. They have been a magnet to him since he was six months old. Often the wee ones are intimidated by things that tower above them, but not Gibs with the donkeys.

His Mom was like that. At his age, she'd go and grab one by the halter and drag it all over the place. The little ones - we didn't have big ol' Ransom then. Gibby likes to go for the Big Guy.

Even having had four kids & now three grandbabes, it never ceases to amaze me how deep that little people are. You wonder, with the limited experience that they have, what possibly could be running through their head.

And intelligent ... oh my. When the kids come for Sunday supper, our resident bar tender brings piles of beer caps so they can sort through them to collect the 30 they need for a Team. Gibson was draped across the table, intently watching the process. He started carefully and gently picking out one here and there. No one was really paying attention to him, they were absorbed in their own collecting. When we looked, he had his own little pile of only the OILERS logo - because that's his Dad's team. Quite amazing to have that recognition & focus at 22 months.

He also took the lid off a glue stick, lifted his shirt and tried to apply it to his underarms. Not the wisest move, but very observant. The things running through that little head....

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LDahl said...

I think he looks like a very special one. As cute as come be too. enjoyed your posts today, attic run looked like fun, if you had planned to show it you would have taken too much time, this way it is fresh and spontaneous looking. Very cool!