Saturday, March 6, 2010


So… this is the floor in my attic studio. You can see from the discolouration, where the carpet used to be. It went to the dump & a new one was ready to take its place.

I painted the floor ivory to make the space look bigger and brighter. I left a spot in the middle & used my little bottles of decorative paint to make a faux crazy quilt carpet for the simple reason that I am so cheap that I was trying to get away with buying only one gallon of paint.

I had every intention of covering it up. I like the warmth of a carpet and I thought that it would be cool one day, for someone to discover my artwork.

I had a lot fun with each spot, but I didn’t put a great amount of time into it because I expected that it would be covered. I had no idea that it would be such a hit. It was cute to see the little ones on their knees, picking out their favourite spaces & searching for images & words. They were delighted when they found their names & made sure that everyone in the family was accounted for. If I had known how much that they would enjoy it, or the fact that it wasn't going to be covered, I would have actually spent a little more time, effort and thought on it.


Trish said...

this is amazing and beautiful, Ev! I could hardly wait for you to post the pictures. Come paint my floor for me. LOL
Cheers, Trish

EvScott said...

Thanks, Trish:) I painted three plywood floors in Newfoundland & Brian thought that I had vinyl laid. Paint is wonderful:)

Jae said...

Love the eyes on the coffee table. I also see Laurens chair has been refurbished. She'll be excited to see it.

EvScott said...

Yep, the panels looked like lids to me. I hope she is okay with her chair being black:)

PaulineB said...

Sometimes the best art comes from "no intention to...'!:)