Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Again

It wasn't a week ago that I took this wintery photo ... bundled up babe & lots of snow for playing & dyeing. And now, not a flake to be found. Snowflake that is.

There’s nothing like shedding the coats to make a person feel like dancing for joy. Fishing with sticks & playing in the water & mud will do that too. Even though the creek was cold, they had their shoes off & were using their boots as pails to make better mud.

They basically came home half naked - the day allowed it and so did I. Heavy, cold, wet clothes can dampen the spirits. I washed & dried their outfits, right down to the gotchees, but not fifteen minutes into the fresh ones, you'd never have believed it.

I have always subscribed to the belief that the dirtiness of the child is in direct proportion to the fun that was had. I cannot understand why anyone would tell a child, unless they were on their way somewhere, to 'stay clean'. Mud feels great. Clothes and kids wash.

The little brook that runs through our property was a river today - the water poured over the bridge like a falls. It was perfect for a lesson in movement & motion & the power of water.

While the children played, I basked in the sunshine, enjoying the sound of the rushing water and the squeals & laughter. And the 'Look Nan'. 'Look at my stick.' 'Look at this rock.' 'Look at me throw & jump & splash.'

I shut my eyes to listen and felt the sun on my face. But just for a moment. I needed to keep my eyeballs fixed on the image of the children. I needed to freeze frame it. There were other children there once - the very same age, on that very same bridge. I had looked away and they were gone. Now here they are, once again.

It tugged on my heart, those faces and voices of yesterday. But I just acknowledged those thoughts and quickly dismissed them. As I did the thoughts that these dear souls as well, will far too soon be too big & too busy to mess in the mud.

The wisdom the years has made me understand that there is no purpose in taking up precious time on such thoughts while in the midst of a joyful moment.

I basked in the 'NOW' today, grateful for another spring and for another generation of children with whom to celebrate it.


Unknown said...

So glad Spring is here, well nearly! Great pics! Have a sweet day!

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Every day they get to spend with you is a gift.