Sunday, February 28, 2010


I have been exceedingly negligent at keeping up with this blog lately. That is because I have been exceedingly focused on getting a long overdue task accomplished. I had given myself a week ... maybe two, to get it done, but I appear to have misjudged the time.

I am trying desperately this year to stick to one thing, and only one thing, until it is finished. You can't begin to imagine how much of a challenge that is for me.

I am known for my ability to be easily distracted. A sideways glance at something shiny can get me off on an entire new tangent, never to return to what I was initially doing.

That is why my annual GOAL list is the same, year after year after year. In fact I found my list from 1994 a couple weeks ago & sure enough, 7 of 10 items were exactly the same, word for word. With glowing intentions, I start them each year but never, ever finish them. I am determined that I am changing that in '10.

That's not to say though, that I can't still be diverted. I am still always, always ready to stop for a cup of tea with a friend. Or a visit with my children or grandbabes. Or the invitation to Adventure.

In the midst of my work last week, I got an email from a friend that there was still a space available at a retreat that I've attended in New York for a number of years. It's dear to my heart as I was instrumental in starting it as the 'International Creativity Retreat' seven years ago. I gathered the Canadian part of it & off we'd go to a wonderful retreat center in the Finger Lakes region. I don't have that involvement any longer, but I still know many of ladies, and love to go and enjoy their company and the beautiful surroundings.

Circumstances were not allowing that this year, but as sometimes happens, plans change. When the invitation came, I hesitated only for the briefest second at 6 hour drive all by myself & the fact that I was abandoning the Task at Hand. Off I headed to NY, and I'm sure glad that I did. I finished a couple projects, including my crazy quilted latptop bag that I started a year ago. I learned lots of cool new techniques I enjoyed the positive, happy energy of creative women. I loved having the chance to spend some time with dear & precious friends who I don't get to see near enough. And sure enough ... the work was waiting for me when I returned, and that's where I've been ever since.

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