Thursday, March 26, 2009

Five Years

When you have small children in your life, whether they are your own, your grandchildren or other little ones that are dear to you - you can see time pass before your eyes. You blink, and that tiny babe is a toddler and then instantly, a little person.

Five years ago today, a precious wee angel came into our lives. It seems like moments ago that Nick walked down the hospital corridor, gently holding a wrapped up little bundle. I said - 'Well.... ????' 'What do you think?', he answered proudly. I knew immediately by the pure magic in his eyes and the tenderness in his voice. He had wanted a little girl so badly. I got all choked up.

When I went to the room to see Jaime, naturally, the emotion was high. I like the anticipation of having everything a surprise - not just the gender but the name of the little one who joins our world. I never ask what they'll be naming the baby ahead of time. When Jaime told me that they were calling her 'Lauren Isabella Marie', the floodgates opened. Brian's Mom, Marie, had passed away a year earlier. We missed her so much & knew how excited that she would have been to see Nick and Jaime blessed with their little girl. With that and the pure awe and gratitude at the miracle of birth, that moment is etched in my heart forever.

Our precious little angel has grown into a lovely little girl. She has brought us so much joy and sunshine. She's kind and wise, fun and loving and very independent. She tells me often, - right out of the blue - "Nan, I love you". I hope she doesn't outgrow that spontaneity - it's so endearing. She says that Scotty is her Best Friend and that her two favourite places in the world are Chucky Cheese and Newfoundland. She adores her Mother and likes to have her near by and she's very much a Daddy's Girl. And he is still as smitten as he was when he first carried her down that hallway. The light that he carries in his eyes for that child - and that we all carry in our hearts, illuminates all our days. Happy Birthday Lauren Isabella Marie.

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What beautiful must be so proud..

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