Monday, March 30, 2009

Down to Earth

I just returned home from a lovely weekend away with Old Friends. Correction - 'long-time' friends. In our minds, we're no older than we were when we hung out in High School. That's how 'Long Time', we are.

For over two decades, we have been meeting each spring to catch up with each other. For as much as things change, they stay the same. Still laughing about the same silly things that tickled us many, many years ago. Now, it may take all four of us to fill in all the names and details of the events - but even that process is great fun. For a brief time, we journey back to our early teens when we believed, with great confidence, that we were as worldly and wise as we ever would get, and certainly, needed to be.

In honouring 'Earth Hour' on Saturday, we turned off all the sound and lights and lit the candles. That was certainly no hardship. A glass of wine, or cup of tea by candle light is a most lovely way to nurture friendship at any time. Such quiet and ambiance that embraces conversation should be/could be part of our routine on a regular basis. It would be lovely with whomever we are blessed to spend time with - our spouse, our children, our grandchildren, friends, neighbours ... even just ourselves. Imagine how much more peaceful and tranquil our world would be... Our World that we hold in our heart and hands, and the World in General.

It seems that there was fairly good global participation in Earth Hour and the organizers were pleased with the reduction in energy. I suspect that a good many who did turn off the noise of life, found a completely different type of energy - and liked it.

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Norma DeCamp said...

I am so glad I found you, not only for your work, which is in itself hear warming, but for you heart, your soul, what comes out of you is so beautiful. I am glad to now be able to not only call you a fellow artist, but a Friend.
Norma DeCamp