Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gallery 96

In the photo above, the top picture is mine - a close up of it is in the subsequent post.

I'm pleased to have recently been accepted as a member of Gallery 96 - a local Artist's group that has been part of the Art landscape in Startford and area for over thirty years. They are a diverse & talented group of artists in many different mediums - it's an honour to be associated with them.

It's especially exciting and rewarding for me to make new Art Friends right in my own back yard. It also has afforded me the opportunity to stretch and grow in different areas of artistic expression.

It was really fun this weekend to participate in my first 'Opening'. It was especially cool because two of my girls came in to be supportive. The show, entitled 'Industrial Strength' was totally devoted to "Factory 163" where Gallery 96 has recently acquired space & where they host their exhibits. The building is a wonderful old factory, a very important part of local history, when manufacturing was very much part of the fabric of Stratford. The exhibit was so interesting, with all the different perspectives of the same space, done in different mediums. The show opened Saturday and runs until April 5th. There are some details on the website and some other cool events that will be happening: http://www.gallery96.com/

I did five prints for the show - two actually sold, which is an unexpected bonus. I love the 'feel' of the old building - I can envision the people at work there in the 1920's. The stairs are worn down from the hundreds of feet over the years. For me, being a Lover of All Things Old, the old factory is pure inspiration. As was getting to participate in this show and getting to meet new Friends in Creativity.

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