Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old Trucks, New Cars

This weekend, at the Stratford Garden Show, there was the most unique display. With a theme of 'Wild Things', John Drummond of Greenbelt Farms, transformed his space into an overgrown brush area with a wonderful old flatbed truck. Throughout the little path, there were interesting poems and excerpts from books or songs. It was so cool that I know there are a LOT of people looking at old vehicles as an art form - me included.

Today, I got to drive a 2010 Mazda - I could hardly get my head around that. It seems like just moments ago that the world was fussing about the 'new millenium' ... how to spell it, what to call 'two thousand', whether everything was going to crash at the stroke of midnight. And here I was, in a vehicle of the next decade. A blink of an eye. And a pretty cool car - wish I got to keep it!

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Anonymous said...

Hey this is great!It DID turn out!I've been trying to explain to people ,my favourite spot at the show,and now i can just say "check it out on ev scott.com"
And i love Stacey and Danial's puppy too.You're right ,he does look old and wise.
Have fun driving again!