Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gallery Photos

Close ups of the pictures for the Gallery Show:
The factory used to make rollerskates - hence the skates & old tin lunch box. To the right are the big red steel sliding doors & left is the little booth and stair way up to the work area. The lady to the right in the photo above & the man behind her - he's centre, with the moustache & she's on the staircase below - are my Great Grandparents - immigrated from Ireland.
I love that these people, who have been gone from this world for so long, can have us gazing into their eyes, still having a presence here. If it weren't for those two people - where would I be??


Dianie said...

I love this! I have always been fascinated by our past relatives, places and history.
You are right.. where or who would we be..


vintagepaletteart said...

Ev............you should be very proud! Your pictures are amazing! What an honor!