Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My friend Kathy had that line of a poem. She didn't know if there's more, but actually more might dilute it - it says it all.
Just like flipping a switch, when the calendar turned over to November 1st, there is not a single leaf to be found. I swear there were a few here & there when I went to bed, but I awoke to a naked world.

I am not a fan of November. But today I looked at it with different eyes. At three o'clock when I took these photos, the sky was such a deep, yet soft, indigo blue. The clouds were so subtly shaded that they looked like a painting. And then were some that were lit - little jewels & gems that advertised that somewhere behind those clouds, the sun was shining.

My issue with November is the fact that it is generally 'non-descript' ... colourless - no redemptive qualities whatsoever. But being tossed a hauntingly beautiful day like today, there is perhaps room for movement.

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