Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The other day I said that I would be getting a 'sculpted' (as in - polymer) Santa on Ebay each week from now til Christmas. Right. Who was I kidding? I must have been swept away with Ebay Fever. Which is pretty easy as once I get back on to playing Ebay, I'm hooked.

What I especially love about it is the wonderful people that I get to connect with. Many are dear sweet folks who have followed my work over the past 6 years that I've been offering my Christmas creations there.

When I see a familiar name in bidding, I am totally humbled. There's no greater compliment to me than someone who already has a piece of my work in their home, to want to have another one. The fact that anyone takes the time to even look at my creations is in itself humbling.

Some of the folks that I have met through Ebay have become good friends. It's them that I miss when I've not been keeping up with it. I'm the same way with artists whose things that I watch over the years - when they're not listing, I miss them & wonder what they're doing and worry that they're alright. It's hard to describe, but it's kind of a comfort to know that they're 'up there'. I like to watch artist's work who I can see & feel exactly WHO they are - the ones whose personality and soul speaks through their work and their words. I like to envision them where they are, working away like I am.

It gives me huge pleasure with my own things, to know that there are people who are watching what I do. It just warms my heart when I see my e-friends names appear. I love it when I get to send something off to join my other creations that are living in their homes. And I love it too when a new person wins a piece because that's potential for a new friend. It's not really appropriate or appreciated by everyone, but I'd like to put a little card in the package that says: "Now that you have a piece of my heart & hands in your home, we HAVE to be friends:)" Some might think that a little strange, but the people who know me best know that the creation of 'items' is purely secondary to me - the creation of 'relationships' has always been Number One.
This is the link to this week's listings: http://tinyurl.com/evscottebay
Last week's creations went to two dear & long-time e-friends - one in Yacolt, Washington and one in Redwood City, California - and a 'new friend' (who doesn't know it yet - lol) in Warren, New Jersey:)

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