Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Back

Thank goodness my GBs came trick or treating last night. Other than them, we only had 5 children but enough for 30, so there I'd be having to eat up all the darn candy and have KitKat for breakfast, just because it's there.
This is one my favourite days of the year - when we 'FALL BACK' and gain an hour. That one hour delights me multiple times over the day. I sleep in & then am pleased that I really didn't. I spend hours just diddling the morning in & it's STILL morning. I leave the clocks at the old time, so when I look and see that 4 o'clock is actually 3 o'clock, that means I still have lots of time for a nap before I think about supper. It gets dark and it seems like it should be bedtime, but really it's only 6:30. Each and every time, I'm pleasantly surprised.

I have been known to leave the clocks like that for a few extra days, so I can feel like I get more out of the day. It drives Brian crazy though & eventually me too, when he keeps saying, with less patience each time 'What time is it REALLY?' But even when I do change the clocks, he doesn't trust them because of all the years that I've played the 'Bonus Hour' game. It doesn't take much to confuse him. And it doesn't take much to amuse me.

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