Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Line '009

I so love getting to play 'Christmas' creations again. I always think that I'm going to keep it up after the season, because I really do enjoy it & it would seem that perhaps folks do add to their collection throughout the year - but it never happens. I get busy doing all the other things that are calling me & the next thing I know, Christmas is knocking on our door again. Once I get started again, I get right into it - spending hours up in my studio & forgetting about everything else.

I especially love making the children and animal vygnettes and the old German style Santas. Even though the little children are created from a mold I made from some antique German dolls, every single one of them looks different and has a little personality of their own. It gives me great pleasure to imagine some family bringing them out each year.

This year I'm also going to try to get on some more sculpted Santas. What I'm aiming for each week is one tiny little set & one medium one in the primitive style and one other Santa sculpted in polymer.

The listings will end each Sunday night. If I have some ready on the previous Sunday, they'll be on for a 7 day listing, if they're not done, I'll put them on Tuesday nights for a 5 day listing.

This week there are three creations - a goat, a bull and a deer. And Santa of course.

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Sheryl Parsons said...

As usual, spectacular work Ev! Love your way of creating.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sheryl... and ditto to you m'dear!

Ev said...

Well, duh... what's with the 'anonymous'... clicked the wrong button obviously.
It's ME.