Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

What a magnificent way to celebrate the beginning of Summer.  Solstice 2010 will be a memory that I take out and enjoy time and time again.  A wonderfully memorable day all way around.

The crew came home for Father’s Day.  It was a spectacular day to be outside with the kids – our first big family get-together since the arrival of the latest edition. After that fun, I headed over to my dear friend and neighbour’s home for a Summer Solstice event.

It was such a lovely evening.  I so enjoy having the opportunity to meet interesting new friends and have different experiences. We spent time in the medicine wheel garden, then after a meaningful meditation, enjoyed sharing around the campfire.

A dozen of us stayed and were up at 4:30 in the morning, coffee in hand, to watch the sun rise on a new season. Not as impressive as the 20,000 who were at Stonehenge, but still not real shabby in the fact that every single one of us were out of bed.

I have seen the sunrise – not too often, mind you; but I have seen it. I saw it with different eyes today. And it wasn’t because they were bleary from only a couple hours sleep. Maybe it was the atmosphere of our peaceful surroundings. Or perhaps it was the company I was in.  At any rate, it was amazing.

It was totally silent to begin with, then one bird chirped in the distance. It was as if he was the alarm clock for the feathered world, and we found ourselves serenaded with a great symphony of singing and chirping and squawking.  I like to think that they were celebrating with us, but in all likelihood, their conversation was probably more like this: "Bernice, have you ever seen anything like it? All those humans out at this hour, just sittin' there starin' into space."  "I know Walter, but I don't think they're that bright. They probably heard about that Early Bird thing but didn't figure out that they're supposed to be looking DOWN."

As the sun rose and became more and more brilliant, it literally pulsated with a ring of colour.  It was electric. It was remarkable. It truly was glorious. 

We spent the morning working on a creative project. At about ten o'clock, I needed something and slipped home for a minute.  And there, to my complete surprise, was another little treasure to mark the day. 

Likely about the same time that the sun was rising, Victoria was giving birth to our latest and last babe of the season. Three for three on Special Days. A sweet little pitch black jennet.

Just as the others have two names … Paddy O’Malley & Molly Malone, she shall be Summer Solstice, so I can sound downright poetic when I go out and call to them: 'Hey there, O’Mally,  O’Molly and Summer O’Solly’. 

Summer Solstice ’10 … memorable indeed.


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

EV! Loving all your posts. You have the most wonderful life!


EvScott said...

Thanks Jill :) A wonderful life to be sure. Especially getting to know kindred spirits through the e-waves.