Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Boys

At this point, for a short time we have totally evened our family out. The first edition was three girls and a boy; second edition is three boys and a girl. In just a few weeks though, that is going to change with the one who will take us to the next level – more kids in this generation than the last.

It’s so sweet to watch the boys together.  Gibson just worships Scotty, he shadows every move he makes.  He’s like a little puppy following him around with pure adoration.  Scotty feels exactly the same; he’s so loving and patient, probably even more so than a big brother since they don’t have to go through the little irritations that go naturally with being together too much.  What a wonderful relationship for both of them.

Even with an age spread of six years, they have a lot in common.  Sports for one - both of them always have a ball or hockey stick in hand. They are also both particularly nurturing and love babies. And of course, frogs.  It is just a delight to watch them together.
Before the arrival of the baby, Scotty proclaimed that he wanted a 'little brother JUST LIKE GIBSON.'  When I talked to him in the hospital,  I said "Now you have your own little Gibby." I will never forget the joy and tenderness in his voice as he  was quiet for a second, then responded thoughtfully: "Yes, I do.", as if it suddenly hit him and it was the very best thing in the world.

Lauren is a little left out on their missions, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to bother her.  With all the women in the family, she’s always got someone to hang with. After the initial irritation of not getting the sister that she ordered, she’s enjoying the role of ‘only girl’ ... for a time anyway.

It’s so interesting to watch these precious children grow and develop their relationships. And especially heartwarming to look out and see little ones playing here once again.

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