Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 29th

June 29th … a significant day in our family all round. We commemorate a birth, a marriage and a burial. Life covered.

It is the day that my Sister was born. How wonderful it is to have her close and to BE close. She is an amazing, wonderful woman. She has said that I am the kite & she is the anchor. It’s true – I cannot begin to imagine where I’d be without her. Happy Birthday, Pauline … you ARE my anchor indeed. I admire, respect and love you always.

On this date, I said a final goodbye to my Brother. Rest well in the arms of the angels, my sweet Bud. I never stop missing you.

And on this day, 35 years ago, I married my love. A man who has kept me entertained and made my life an adventure. Of his romantic and eloquent proposal, I remember one sentence most clearly: "I want to grow old with you.", he said. Of course, at 19 we really didn't expect that would happen - or certainly happen quite this quickly.

Of our wedding, one particular sentence is also etched deeply in my memory. "May you see your children's children." It was when we were kneeling, in the photo above. I remember so clearly at that moment more than any, wondering what the future would hold for us. The greatest blessing of our marriage truly is our wonderful family. We have indeed got to see our children's children. But again, I didn't expect that it would happen quite so quickly either.

Lots behind us, but so much more ahead. The best scenario continues to be that we are getting to grow old together and enjoy our children & our children's children. Happy Anniversary, Brian - you are my light, my life and my love.

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