Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fathers toDay

A friend recently asked a lady who had celebrated her 100th birthday, what the biggest or most surprising change she had witnessed in the world in all her years. One would have expected her to make reference to communication, TV, the internet or such. She said: 'Two things. People are more tolerant than they were, and the involvement of fathers in their children's lives.' A thoughtful, thought provoking answer.

Indeed, for the most part, it seems that the Dads of today are just as active in all areas of their children's lives as the Moms are. In general, our generation were more involved than our fathers in day to day care, and now this latest generation is even more hands on.
Both my sons-in-law are wonderful fathers. There is nothing that my girls do with the children, that they can't or don't do. Ash tells me that she has hardly ever bathed Gibs at night - that's Father-Son time. When Jae got home from Newfoundland, Nick had the house spotless, the lawn and the laundry all done and the kids happy and content.
It's a blessing for my daughters, for my grandchildren and for the guys themselves, as they build close and loving relationships. ALL of their lives are richer for it and it most certainly is a wonderful thing to witness.

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