Monday, June 15, 2009

Coal Black - Cole Jack

As I mentioned in my Easter Sunday post on April 12th, our donkeys tend to come into our lives on a significant day. Sure enough, this darling wee babe arrived on my brother, Bud's birthday - June 12th - I wrote about him in the April 14th post, 'My Buddy'.
A pure black baby is really rare for us ... I think we may have had only one in the 25 years that we've been raising donkeys. This little guy is so black, I think I'll call him Cole.

As I expected, my dear friend who Abby-sat & Donkey-sat, was not the least bit uncomfortable out here in the country. In fact, being here for the arrival of this precious babe, she officially became his ‘Godmother’. It was nice to come home to a new little jack, healthy and happy and running around like crazy.

This is Pete, checking out his new competition. As he’s only 8 weeks old, you can imagine how petite Victoria (the Mom) is. And yes … she happens to have been born on Victoria Day.

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