Saturday, June 6, 2009

I can NOT Capture the Moon

There are a multitude of beautiful scenes and remarkable vistas out here in Newfoundland - a photographers paradise indeed. If I were to get to choose only one to keep my spirit fed while I'm away - one that sends a wave of nostalgia over me whenever it comes to mind and makes me stop dead in my tracks each time I see it, it is the full moon on the harbour.

We've watched the moon growing each evening, with great anticipation. The reflection on the water is so brilliant, so breath taking, so seared into my memory. It is one of those things though, that you cannot possibly capture. Breathtaking in real-time, it just doesn't begin to translate on to film.
You just have to be here.


Bonnie Jones said...

But your beautiful written description gave me a glimpse into what you must be seeing..have fun in your Paradise, lovely lady.

Trish said...

i wanna BE there.........