Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Work In Progress

I have not been out to my woodshop since - hmmmm .... a VERY long time. In the winter, there's a three foot snow drift in front of the door & no heat, so of course there's not a hope for me then. In the fall, I was busy doing a show and a bunch of other things. In the summer, I was mostly in Newfoundland. In the spring, I was focused on sculpting & felting. And before that it was winter ... and ya know, the snow...

Oh yeah ... it's been a VERY long time. But I am determined to make some Arks this year - I do enjoy doing them & it's been way too long.

I actually LOVE to sit out on the back porch and whittle away ... it's just the most relaxing thing to do. Sort of like needle felting to me - I don't have to jump up and find a scissors, find the glue, look for something else I've thought of. I just sits there with my knife and my hunk of wood, listening to the birds sing and the creek babble away. And while I'm sitting there, I'm thinking ... WHY is it that it's been so long since I've done this? I'm glad I'm doing it now:)

So, Sunday night - if all goes as planned, there will be an Ark on Ebay for the very first time.

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