Saturday, May 23, 2009

Creative Nesting

Yesterday, when I went to stick some stuff in the old washing machine on the porch of my cabin, I was startled to find that someone had made it their home, turning my storage container into a big bird house. I was startled, but delighted.

It's hard to imagine that a bird, who was out shopping for some real estate, would discover that tiny little hole & even think about popping in there to have a look-see. Like really ... who would do that?

My guess is, most likely a Starling. Brian tells me that they're 'lazy' birds - I prefer to think of them as creative or innovative. That is IF they're buidling their own structures - if they're moving into someone else's space, that is NOT cool. I haven't had a Washing Machine Dweller before, so they were most welcome to this space.

As far as I'm concerned, any bird is MOST welcome to nest anywhere here. My Mother, on the other hand, was Anti-Starling. When they built a nest in the mailbox, she'd say "Damn Starlings!" and pull it out. I was horrified. I'd insist that Starlings were birds too & we should be happy about it. I just couldn't understand how this woman, who would help me save every stray or sickly creature that I dragged home, could be not share my excitement that we'd have baby birds. If I were to find a bird's nest there, I would gently push it back further so the mailman didn't disturb it & then try to beat her out to the mailbox every day so she wouldn't discover it.

I've been watching for the Mom of these little guys - but I haven't seen who it is. I'm happy that she found a safe place to raise her young-uns and I think that she is wonderfully resourceful. However, I do wonder how she's going to get them out of there though - it might be hard to fly 'up' that hole. I hope she's given some thought to that!


Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Well I'm not too sure how I ended up here but I'm certainly glad I did.
When I discovered you lived outside of Stratford and having recently posted about swans (as I know they dwell near the festival theatre) I had to read on. Finding out you were another Ontario native with a soft spot for Nature's creatures and a wonderfully talented artist as well.
Your creations are darling and I shall return to take a peak again.

EvScott said...

Susan ... oh my - I am so glad that you took the time to comment & I had the opportunity to be lead to your totally delightful blog. What a treat ... your writing, your photography! Enchanting! Anyone who peeks in here - check out Miss Maddie's!