Sunday, May 10, 2009


I'm thinking of my Mother today, of course. Even though I have been without her longer than I had her, she still very much lives in my heart and in my head. I was thinking about what words of wisdom that she left me with that come to mind immediately. One bit of advice has served me well - the other still makes no sense.
The first ... 'WASH YOUR HANDS'. Wise, smart - fine advice. Good Motherhood Creed. The second: 'Don't touch your bellybutton.' She never had a good answer to my 'Why?' - only 'Just DON'T!' I was sure as a child that if I ever did, I'd deflate just like a balloon. It sends shivers up my spine if I ever see someone messing with their bellybutton.
I really tried to get past that weird paranoia & not pass it on to the next generation. I don't think that I ever said that to my kids, but who knows - the stuff that our Mother's teach us sometimes gets passed down through osmosis - intentional or not. I'll have to ask them.
Today, I'm also thinking about the fact that I have given birth to two Mothers. To see my girls with their own children warms my heart beyond words. They are both such wonderful Mothers - loving & patient & wise & great fun. The next generation is in good hands. My grandbabes have been blessed to have them as Mothers; they have been blessed to get to experience motherhood and I have been richly blessed to get to witness it. Motherhood - where would we be without it.

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