Sunday, May 24, 2009

Airing of the Quilts

Even for someone who has no great affinity for house cleaning in general, there is something wonderfully refreshing and totally fulfilling, to open all the windows and make everything look, feel and smell wonderfully fresh. I especially look forward to my first trip over to my Little Cabin in the field, to make that magic happen. When I open the door for the first time of the season, I feel like I'm being welcomed by an old friend who I've greatly missed. An old friend who will feel restored with a little love and attention.

Cleaning isn't a chore over there - it's a labour of love. It also helps that I can do it once in the season and basically it stays that way right up until the fall. Nothing gets out of place, there's nothing really to get messed up. In its simplicity, it's my sanctuary - a shelter for the spirit. Readying it for the season is very much a ritual that I enjoy, savour and celebrate.

This weekend was perfect for my joyful task. I scrubbed the floor and cleaned the windows and washed all the oil lamps and their chimneys. And as always, I carted out all the old quilts and afghans and hung them on the fence to air out. I was fortunate this year - the donkeys were busy in another field. Many years, they have been drawn to the spectacle with great fascination. I have 'chew marks' and grass stains on the corners of some of them, as a little souvenir of their attraction.
When I was done, I sat in the rocking chair and savoured the fruits of my labour. And then, as always, the bed beckoned me and I obliged. There seems to be a magnet beneath it, that calls me and draws me down into the deepest, most wonderfully restorative sleep. Abby usually dozes on the porch and doesn't come in, although she's welcome to. Today, she came inside and napped with me, seemingly pleased as well, that the task is done and we have begun another season of peacefulness and serenity at our humble little refuge.

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