Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Word

Last year it was 'Streamline'; 2016 was 'Create', 2015 was 'Write'; before that it was 'Clarity & 'Simplicity'. It doesn't take a pyscho-analyst to see those damn ducks were trying to be rowed.

Oh man, I have just unlocked the key to the frustrations I have had for decades in achieving so few of my annual goals. It was simply an unrealistic expection.

Now that I am not only content but downright excited to allow my ducks to be crows and embrace that, I am just going to follow them as they flit around from place to place. I am going to be amused and entertained with what they pick up and where they lead me.

They just led me to my Word of the Year. I knew it would present itself when the time was right. 

It's 'Crowth'.That is going to be my focus. Or lack of.

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