Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Crowing in the Right Direction

Something else made me shift from writing this blog. The first years when I was doing it regularly I was doing it just for ME. I didn't expect anyone would read it. I just like to write. I was just yattering away to myself because it was an exciting new format to play with. It was an opportunity to exercise my passions of writing and photography..

Then somehow I got to lead to the belief that it should be of 'value'; it should have a 'point'. What if someone actually read it and thought it was pointless. It became intimidating. I suddenly felt that it had to 'be something' ... that I had to 'be something'... entertaining, educational, informative ... Something.

Well ... now that I have set my ducks free, I am also releasing any notion that I have to BE anything. I am going to go back to yattering to myself and see where it leads. It might lead in circles. Who really cares? There's more than enough on the internet for people who actually want to read something of value to find that without me. I am more than content to know that the only people who would ever read this are the ones who already know how off-centre I am; how 'crow-like' in being distracted by shiny ... or ANY objects.

Hey ... that's what the problem was ... I never did have ducks. I had crows. No darn wonder I couldn't get them in a row. Crows are definitely rowless. You have never, ever heard someone say 'I am getting all my crows in a row.' For me I guess it was 'all my ducks in a cROW' and that obviously is just not going to work. All that time wasted.

I am going to embrace my inner Crow. This will be a year of Crowth.

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