Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Ears!

Brian called me from the barn tonight and said 'I think Victoria is close.'  We've been watching closely to see if she was standing off or bagging up. Knowing that she wouldn't give birth when the other donkeys were in the barn, I worried that she might have it out in the snow. I was particularly concerned as we lost our last baby the night of Hurricane Sandy, when Samantha went outside and foaled.

Even without signs, I've had a premonition this past week that the time was drawing near. So when Brian phoned rather than just reporting her 'closeness' when he came in, I knew that something was up. 'Should I come out?' I questioned. Before he could reply, I added 'She's a littler closer than CLOSE, right?' 'Ahhhh... yeah.' he admitted.

Sure enough, while everyone else was outside enjoying this cold winter day, Victoria was safe in the barn, giving birth to her little girl. It was very gracious of them to respect her privacy. And good planning on her part to schedule it during the day.

I have loved having donkey babes ... they are a joy. After almost thirty years, this is my last.  Chip, the Stud Muffin moved to a new home this fall. My girls are geriatric and the time has come to give them a rest. Baby days are over.

And so tonight, I sat with my little furry treasure and held her close.
 I breathed in her newness. I buried my head in her soft fur.

 I stroked her sweet ears and held her tiny hooves. 

As I sang to her, she fell fast asleep in my arms.

 I held her for a long time, remembering my babies past and feeling a little sad for both myself and Victoria, 
not getting to have this blessed experience again.
 But you can't feel sad for long when you're cradling a sweet little miracle.

My word for this year is "Clarity", so that is what I've named her - 
'Clara T.'  Clara T (The) Donk E. 
That's something else I am going to miss - picking their names.

It's a wonderful way to start 2013.

 A safe delivery. A heathy baby.
A New Ears Blessing!


PB said...

That is just PRECIOUS !
And I love Clara T 's name , maybe a little spirit named Clara will be her Angel guide? ;-).

How very , wonderfully special !!

EvScott said...

I did think of that too. ;-) lol And that's a story I CAN'T tell.

Sheryl Parsons said...

So sweet how you love them so much. I'm amazed that all that baby donkeyness came out of the little mamma. The name is perfect!