Monday, February 7, 2011

Real Job

I got an email from a friend today. She said, “Your blog is stuck.”  Oh my, right she is, indeed.  A dozen times over the past month, I’ve been needing/wanting to do something about getting it unstuck, but I’ve been busy.

I’ve got a Real Job, you see.

And that means that I have entered a place where much of the world dwells – trying to squeeze every bit of the rest of my life and activities into evenings and weekends. It turns out to be not sufficient hours in that time slot to do everything I need/want to do.

The last time that I worked in a setting where I was committed to being in one spot, eight hours a day, five days a week, was in 1979. Really.

Now, don’t be thinking that that’s the last time that I worked. I have never NOT worked. It’s just that I’ve always been involved with things that have me at the helm, designing my own day.

A couple years ago I did work for a whole week at Mazda while the owners went out to our place in Newfoundland.  I loved it. The only work colleague I generally have in my life is Abby, and she’s not much of a conversationalist, so I was delighted to get to be with humans.

Before I spent all my time trying to make a living from my three H's, I had always been involved in work that has revolved around people – social services, volunteer management, and retail. I love having my flexibility and freedom, but I must say that I do miss all the stuff that comes with having other people in your day.

On top of that, there’s nothing that I love more than a new challenge. I am always delighted to get the opportunity to open a new door and meet new people.

The especially cool thing about this job is that finally – FINALLY – my zillion hours on the computer have paid off. I have been helping test an ever-so-cool new software program that has been designed for organizing virtual meetings.

The launch was held at the Fesitval last Monday … what a wonderful event that was. Up to that time, what I was doing was confidential, but now it’s out there in the world. The company is POWERNOODLE, and the folks behind it are dynamic, interesting and fun people.

I’m sure honoured to be there and enjoying every minute of it.  Each day I get to be there is a bonus.

Soon, the party will be over and I will be back upstairs in my Studio. And I will love that too.

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