Thursday, February 10, 2011

Window Shots

One of the things that’s going by the wayside with me working all week is my relationship with my camera. She’s feeling very neglected of late.  I’m missing her too.

I’m up and out when the lighting is still good, but since I need to actually be somewhere at a certain time, I have to drive right by all those beautiful, snow laden trees. On the way home, the sun is setting. The white snow and the soft pink sky make the stark and barren trees look even more gracefully artful.  Scenes missed because Cameron is home alone.

I’m going through a bit of withdrawal.

The other day, when I awoke, it was so cold that our bedroom window was covered with frost. First thought … ‘there’s a picture!’

A dozen shots of one single window pane. Yep, that sounds more like my normal life.  Cameron was feeling a bit less neglected, and I was feeling a little more content as well.


Uncle Gary said...

Oh my , BEAUTIFul BEAUTIFUl photos my dear!!! Are these in your house ,or outside , the barn?
And Georgia , well simply gorgeous gal!

pb said...

Hey , I'm not Gary! What happened?

EvScott said...

oh gee ... that's too bad - I was thinking Gary in his leisure was becoming a blog reader. And also becoming very eloquent and complimentary. Which of course he is, but I wouldn't expect he'd write it.

It was inside - our bedroom window - the joys of living in a hundred year old house ;-)