Thursday, March 22, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

I was doing so well in January, with my decision to stay off the computer until noon.  My mornings yielded great accomplishment. I wrote more blog posts in 4 weeks than I did all last year. Then February came and I unceremoniously slid off the wagon and have been blowing in the wind ever since.  I have returned to “just checking for email”; “just checking my facebook”; “just following a couple links”; “just reading the news headlines”. No writing. No planning. No action. No thinking.

Granted, I HAVE been busy. I got to go to work for two weeks, which was fun. And then two dear friends came from Kansas and Mississippi and we kicked up the Fun scale even higher by staying up half the night and squeezing a month’s worth of activities into eight days. Totally legitimate reasons for falling out of step. That’s okay. I know and accept that routine for me is short lived.  It’s the other ‘failure’ that has me shaking my head and wagging my finger at Me.

You know my recent battle cry:  ‘Less is More’; my ‘Dung & Purge’ mission; my 'Let Go of Stuff' challenge; "Distribution not Accumulation" … that whole thing that I have been consumed with lately. Indeed, I have some empty spaces and it felt good.

I’ve been uncharacteristically good about not being tempted to carry more things into the house but darned if I wasn’t tricked into a false sense of control.  Emma Sally Ann completely took advantage of that complacency, jumped up enthusiastically and took control of the Board Meeting.  And what did she gather up?  Something totally new and unique that I could not live without? Nope – not her. She went right for the tried and true, being the indiscriminate hoarder that she is.

I found myself at the cash register with Yet-Another Journal - a second one for 2012 no less. Even the fact that the year is a third over did not deter me.  And also Yet-Another Something for a Santa Bag.  As IF I did not have an overabundance of in that category already - shelves & shelves of stuff - more than I will ever use. Worse than both of those things, in terms of sheer ‘space’ was Yet-Another Fur Coat. 

When I log off permanently, I’m going to have to pop back when they trek up to my Studio to disperse my accumulation.  I want to see the looks on the faces when they discover my ‘Fur Coat Department’, and hear the speculation of ‘Why in the world ….???!!”   They can sort through my 187 journals to find out the answer.

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