Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I'm Back

Since the first of September my life has been crazy. Well, in actual fact, it is ALWAYS crazy, but the past eight weeks have been shades of the even crazier days when I was going in way too many directions at once. Moving too quickly. Spinning.  It’s Monday. It’s Friday. It’s Monday. It’s Friday.  Three weeks gone.  Six weeks gone. No time to write. No time to read. No time to think.  Worst part is that my babies are getting bigger without me having enough cuddle time.

A new grandbabe, 2,500 hundred photos from two weddings to edit, two weeks out in Newfoundland, two weeks of trying to pull my creations together for the show, the Artisan Show itself and then all the things that it takes to put things in order from there.

All wonderful stuff. All behind me now so I can start to focus on the next step – getting my Christmas line on Ebay. Still lots of other stuff coming up in the next few weeks – a concert we’re organizing for the Little Church, the Vineart fundraiser for Gallery 96, meetings with a new organization I’ve joined, some workshops that I’m offering.

And … catching up on this and The Daily Muse.  I miss writing. I miss playing pictures.
But I’m back!

A few shots of the show - VERY few ... was too busy visiting to remember the camera.


Trish Stover said...

we missed you. It's so good to have you back :>)

EvScott said...

aww... thanks Trish ;-)