Thursday, October 28, 2010

October Sky

The other day I was rushing around like a mad fool – coming from town with a zillion things needing to be done and running late to be at the Little Church. It was torture. Not the pressure or stress, but the fact that the sky was so incredibly incredible and I could not take time to soak it in or take hundreds of pictures of it.

The were still lots of leaves and the combination of the colours: the sky, the trees and white fluffy clouds with smudges of gray illuminated by the sun ... was stunning.  It literally took my breath away. I wanted to re-decorate my house in that exact palette. I so wished that I had hours and hours to take my camera and drive around and just capture it all. I knew that in a blink, the grayness of November would be upon us and I would desperately long for this moment.

So I took a detour to our house, grabbed my camera and shot back to where the scene grabbed my attention. Within those four minutes, it had totally changed. The sun had gone behind a cloud and the vibrant blues and grey-blues and green-yellows and white and deep gray were all gone. It was muted and it didn’t move me at all.  That is the magic of it all. You have one brief milli-second to grab it. It’s a disappointment when you miss it, but a huge joy when you succeed.

I missed what I was after, but I did get some cloud shots. They were amazing too. Actually, this fall, the sky here has been spectacular. It must be something to do with the atmosphere – the sunsets have been especially glorious and the clouds have been a world of their own. Two year old Gibson even noticed them the other day and said to Ashley ‘Look... fishes in the sky.’  It looked like their aquarium to him.  Even Brian has taken notice. He commented that he has seen more rainbows in the past month than he has in his entire life. It pleases me that he is being attentive to the sky now too.

October Sky ... warm, beautiful moments to bring out in the days to come.


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

MMMMMM!! They look like big dollops of whipped cream! Or maybe cotton candy. : )

EvScott said...

It DOES, doesn't it! Or something you want to jump in ;-)