Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labour Day Weekend

This was without a doubt, the most memorable Labour Day weekend that I’ve had in a long time. Well … try – forever.

It started with a wonderful wedding that was quite remarkable. It was a good friend of both my son ( who was best man) and my son-in-law.  Ash, being four days past her third due date, was uncertain if they’d make it. They did. We all did. Our whole family was there and that made it especially fun.  The fact that it was an outdoor wedding and the weather was nothing less than crazy, made it even more fun.  One minute there was rain, then sun, then rain again, then sun while it was raining. The bride was determined to have the ceremony outside as planned, so the nuptials were postponed for twenty minutes to see if Mother Nature would co-operate. She did. The sun came out as if on cue.  The guests assembled quickly, but by the time the girls all arrived by motorcycle, it was threatening again. As soon as the bride joined her groom, the skies opened up and we all were baptized.  It set the tone for a great time.

As I left late that night, I said to Ashley –“If you intend to go into labour tomorrow, I need you to do it before 8 am as I’ll be leaving for Toronto at 9 and won’t be able to get back until nightfall.”  True to her ever-considerate nature, she called me at 7:45 am to report that the babe had graciously accommodated me. 

Seven minutes old - she looks like she's been well fed already.

And so the real-deal Labour Day began. Everything calmly and smoothly in motion: the social events completed, no one needing to be called from work, Gibson already settled in, enjoying a fun weekend with his other Grandma; just a lovely Sunday afternoon in the middle of a long weekend – convenient and excellent timing. And best of all for me ... I was home.

I missed my wee grandson’s arrival twelve weeks ago and although that is part of his birth story, I am not wanting to be absent for such an occasion ever again. I'm not very good at waiting while I don't know what's happening with my own child - regardless of their age. It's hard on me nerves.

This time, I was there – right there.  I don't know if I'll ever know if I was actually allowed to be part of it just to try and make up for missing out on Spencer, or because I was a bit of a basket waiting for Gibson and they figured it was safer for the old girl's heart if I was close by. And cheaper on the cell phone bill. Whatever the reason, I was totally honoured that my son-in-law would invite me to be part of such an important and significant event in their lives. It's one thing being close to your girls and being welcomed in to share in that, but for a husband to let his mother in law be there, that is an immense honour to me that I will forever be quite humbled by.

Aunt Alyssa took this photo with her cell phone when she was three hours old.
I have only been witness to four other lives coming into this world and I was a little pre-occupied at those particular times. This was an experience I never imagined that I would have. It leaves one speechless. Even me, who generally has an over abundance of words for any occasion.

What was running through my head was how surreal it really was. Twenty seven years earlier, one week from then... next Sunday, I was in the same hospital, giving birth to this amazing, strong and focused woman. And now I was there, experiencing another miracle. I was trying to get my head around the whole thing ... what has brought me to this point, where all the time and all the years have gone. I can’t really.

My precious, beautiful little grand daughter. My precious, beautiful daughter.

I still have more emotion that I do words. Pretty well all I can say is – Beautiful.  The miracle; the moment; the parents, the baby … all of it.  Beautiful.  Simply beautiful.
Georgia Trista Ruth Agar           Sunday, September 5th, 2010               8 lbs 10 oz

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