Monday, July 12, 2010

Christmas in July

Answering a comment on my previous post:  “What is it about Christmas in July that irirtates you so bad?”… well, since you asked … let me tell you J 

You really would think that someone who has a passion for All Things Christmas, and who in fact, tries to make a living creating the afore mentioned, would actually like to celebrate this ever enduring Season early, late and everything in between.  Oh so wrong. 

To me, Real Christmas is a FEELING. It is a Time. It is a little compartment tucked away in my memory and in my heart that I open like a treasure chest when the time is right.  In there I keep all those things that I cherish for reasons that are solely mine.  It is the tangible treasures that I have collected and bring out each year that also touch me for very specific and personal reasons.

Christmas is magic. Christmas is Reverence: for Jesus’ birth, for family, for friendships, for tradition.  You could say the same (other than the birth) about Christmas in July – it could certainly be memorable and filled with fun and fellowship, but that is generally for a day or a weekend. For me, Real Christmas is an entire Season that transforms streets,buildings and homes for weeks; it transforms people and attitudes. Christmas is giving, – time and love even more than things. Some complain that Christmas is commercialized. It is if you let it be. What you take from it and what you make from it, is your choice and in your control.

I am from Ontario. Christmas is cold.  It is sweaters and jackets, snow if we’re lucky, crackling fires and hot chocolate. It is fragrant evergreens and cinnamon when there isn’t much competition in the ‘smell’ department.  It is twinkling, happy lights on a long, long dark night. It is candle light.  It is familiar music that only sounds right in December.

Even the word Christmas warms me through to my soul.  It does not belong in the month where the sun is doing a fine job of that on its own.  July is summer. Summer = easy.  Summer = very little cooking unless it’s on a bbq and most definitely not baking. Summer is a wonderful Season – I love it. Christmas Is a wonderful Season – I love it.  I love them each so thoroughly that I don’t want to mess a single day diluting either one J Yes, now 'tis the Season to create and collect the heirlooms and treasures that will add to the charm. Christmas 'tis the Season to create the memories.  

Well Jill, are you sorry you asked?  LJ L


BucksCountyFolkArt said...

On the contrary, sweet Evness, I'm thrilled you answered!

I'm so much like you in this respect. Although I may create Christmas all year long, it's when the Fall weather turns cooler and the nights get shorter...lights on houses and Christmas music on the radio...and all the baking and wrapping...and wondering what REALLY happened the night Mary gave birth to Jesus. There's just something in the air that time of year!

Thanks for a beautiful post!!


EvScott said...

Ahhh yes ... you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about :-) I think it's BECAUSE we 'make Christmas' that we protect it so carefully - otherwise it wouldn't be special at all. That's why we don't grow tired of it, right?

Trish said...

a-MEN. Beautifully said. I could almost 'feel' Christmas reading this post, but I'll hold out for the appropriate time, when the specialness (is that a word?)of the season comes through naturally.

EvScott said...

Thanks Trish :) I love the Santa on your profile pic - do you still have him?